Hi I’m Faneisha, affectionately called Fo. I am the DIY fashion, faith, and lifestyle blogger behind FoAlexander.com. For over 6 years, I have created content that inspires women from across the globe in each of these areas. In addition to blogging, I share tutorials and reviews on my YouTube Channel and I help other launch their own blog + brand as a strategist. 

As a South Carolina (USA) native, I am southern through and through. I’m a former pageant queen who enjoys her tea sweet, grits with salt (not sugar), and walking barefoot in the grass. I am wife to the most incredible husband, who is also the resident photographer for the blog. When I’m not sewing or blogging, I’m working as a full time engineer. My greatest passion in life is to inspire women to realize their God-given potential and to live godly lives. My tagline is, Styled to Inspire™. In everything that I do, I hope to inspire someone to be the best version of themselves!  

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When did you start sewing?
In 2016, after being unable to find work out pants that would fit my curves, I decided to make my own. What was originally a business plan to outsource production of curvy fitness apparel became a newfound passion for sewing. With the help of tutorials and books, I honed the little sewing skills that I had from my childhood and began sewing in January of 2017. I have since been featured in the Pattern Review’s Project Highlights, twice. As just a beginner sewist, my readers and other sewers are often amazed at what I’m able to create.

Do you sew for other? 
Currently, I only sew for myself. If that changes, I'll let you know. 😉

How long have you been vegetarian? 
I have been (seriously) vegetarian since October 2016. I talk about it here.

What's the link to your wedding video?
The blog and link are here.



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