Our Debt Free Story

As you all know, I am BIG on finances-- namely being debt free and being a good steward of it. So, I was overjoyed when my husband and I were presented with the opportunity to share our debt free journey story with Taalet and Tai of His and Her Money.

I have been following this couple for years, which made this interview even more special. God has a funny way of bringing things full circle. Check out our podcast episode where we talk about our journey to getting out of debt. We include some resources and actionable things that you can do to jump start your debt free journey. So many times we hear, "I can't because..." or "I don't make enough." As we mention in the podcast, you just have to start. A dollar here and there adds up! There is no magic pill or magic salary that will get you out of debt. The formula is the same for the person making minimum wage as it is the person making six-figures. Discipline + Management = Success.

Listen to the Podcast here

Also, check out my YouTube video where I share the store in more detail. For more financial blog posts, check out the Finances tab under the Lifestyle menu.



  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I listened to your interview on His and Hers yesterday, and what a treat! I really enjoyed the segment and I felt very proud of you and Ben. I felt like, oh my goodness my babies. You guys did a wonderful job and I myself gathered some helpful tips and will pursue some of the things you talked about. Saving the best for last, the advice that Ben gave at the end was priceless and very encouraging for anyone who find themselves contemplating becoming debt free. Thanks, you guys have done it again. Keep up the goodness!

    1. God truly blessed us. Thank you so much for the support!


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