DIY Smocked Maxi Dress Tutorial

It feels so good to FINALLY be behind the sewing machine again. Although I'm far from being done with my sewing room, I was able to at least put my sewing machine and serger on a table to do some work. Trust me, it was rigged up and I was sewing while standing. 🙈 Nonetheless, I got the job done and was able to make this beauty. I call her, Pineapple 🍍.

I passed this fabric so many times will perusing through Joann Fabrics. Each time, I'd make a mental note to come back and pick up a yard are so. Well, I finally picked it up last Friday with the intent of making a smocked maxi dress. I already own one that I typically use as a coverall at the pool or beach, but this fabric spoke to me and I had to have it.

Despite their funny name, smocked maxi dresses are extremely comfortable and convenient. Not only do I use it as a coverall, but they're also great for wearing around the house or as quick outfit to wear out. It's just a matter of pulling it on. No zipper, not buttons, no hassle! Now, that's the kind of fashion that I like. 😁

I decided to record this super simple DIY maxi dress for anyone out there looking for a simple place to start or just for an easy project. This is literally just sewing a straight stitch, which anyone can do. So, check out the video and pictures below. Enjoy!




  1. So beautiful so inspiring im too proud ill start sewing one day.

  2. Beautiful pics your dresses. Enjoy your post a lot. Visit nightcap clothing for maxi dresses of different styles.

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I like pineapple pattern. It gives a very tropical, finished look.


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