Motivational Monday: Giving Yourself Grace

It's been forever since I've done a Motivational Monday, but I'd much rather give you something motivational and inspiring than to just stick to a schedule. So today, I have a story to tell....

Like most Saturdays, I spent it sewing. I have a busy schedule ahead of me and a project deadline that required me to crank out three projects yesterday just to have it done in time. For me, that's unheard of. Trust me, my hands are paying the consequences. Nonetheless, I sucked it up and spent the day getting things done.

As I was beginning project number four of the day, it started. You know, that feeling where you're already tired and things just aren't coming together correctly-- figuratively and literally. I was getting frustrated and completing the final piece was becoming more of a task than I had anticipated. My husband could see my angst and suggested that I take a break, so I did. I decided that I had done enough for the day and started to clean up, but the frustration didn't go away.

The thoughts began to roll in...

Why wasn't this piece coming together correctly? 
Am I in over my head? 
Am I good enough for this?
I'm I the only one struggling??

Not only was I questioning my capabilities as a seamstress, but I was second guessing my value to others. Ya'll, I was trippin'! As I reflect on those moments now, I'm amazed at how a piece of cloth and thread can cause such a psychological ponderance, but I digress.

Eventually, I let it go. We capped the night off with dinner and a movie and, for the most part, I forgot about the project. I figured that I could just abort the mission and come up with something else instead or just do the best that I can to complete it. (The jury is still out on the decision). But today, at the weirdest moment (making a burrito), it came to me. I heard the words, "Give yourself grace." 

Without an inkling of confusion, I immediately knew what it was about. God, in His infinite wisdom, was telling my mind to rest, to get out of a tissy, take a step back and realize that I'm just at the beginning of this thing. I need to give myself grace to learn and to grow. I just started sewing in January, for goodness sake!

What a relief it was to let myself be ok with not being perfect and realizing that some things only come with practice and time. How many times have you been hard on yourself in an area that just needed practice and time? Have you neglected to give yourself grace to grow and learn? We all have. And, as we learn  to give ourselves grace to make mistakes and learn from them, we have to be willing to extend that same grace to others. It's ok to fail, mess up, and get frustrated. Give yourself grace, but don't stay there.

The greatest story of grace is Christ dying on the cross for our sins even though we didn't deserve it. He paid our debt with His life. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God..." - Ephesian 2:8 (NIV). This week, remember to give yourself grace as your work to perfect the gifts that God has given you.



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