Motivational Monday: Authority

I sat at my desk as everyone else swirled around in chaos. They were up in arms because someone had moved containers back into an area we had spent hours cleaning up. They were livid and making it known.

I sat quietly at my desk as I heard, "we need to tell Faneisha. She's going to have to say something." I chuckled inside because I wasn't about to take one step away from my desk to address the issue. I had only arrived 10 minutes prior and I was not about to start my work day off with a confrontation.

Seeing that I wasn't about to do it, one brave soul ventured downstairs to confront the culprit and give them a "talking to." The trip downstairs proved unfruitful, so minutes later, they were at my desk asking me to go down and say something. I remained calm as they recited everything that had taken place. I suppose they wanted me to go downstairs, start yelling, and "pull rank." I just said, "ok," and continued what I was doing.

After hearing more complaints about the issue, I decided to pick up the phone and make a call to my colleague who is the manager over the particular area. I left a brief message explaining the issue, followed by a text message. I didn't move an inch from my desk. I didn't go to the place where the chaos was taking place. I merely spoke a word. Within minutes, I looked out the window and saw that everything was moved back to it's original place. Problem solved.

As I reflected on that morning, I was reminded to the story of the centurion. He knew that Jesus was a man of authority and all he had to do was speak a word and his servant would be healed. Jesus didn't have to go to the place, He just had to speak it. Unlike the centurion, the employees gathered around the window and my desk telling me that I needed to go downstairs and resolve the issue didn't understand authority. Authority is the ability to speak a thing and it move at your words.

How many opportunities have we missed where we could have just spoken a word? How many nights have we been stressed over a situation when we could have just spoken a word? We have the power of life and death in our tongues, so let's use it.

What situation can you speak to this week?



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