Motivational Monday: Create the Life that You Want

For many years, I was under that impression that life just happened. We all had our predetermined lots and we just lived daily playing it out. True, to some extent. We all have a destiny; however, we are in full control of reaching it or living a life that's shy of obtaining our dreams and desires.

As I've been under some great teaching, I've completely changed my perspective on life. Life doesn't just happen to us. Instead, we create the life that we have by the seeds that we sow. Life is the manifestation of the words that we speak, the things we invest time & treasure in, and what we are exposed to-- meaning, we live at the level that we're taught. We have the ability to bring our dreams and visions into existence by merely speaking, sowing, and working.

I've blogged on the Tower of Babel before, but it's a perfect depiction of the creativity and ingenuity that God has placed in us. We were born with the tools to create. If we think it, speak it, work at it, and sow for it, we can create anything. Your life is no different. We can create the life that we want, but it doesn't come without work on our part.

So what do you want your life to look like? Go create it.



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