DIY Fold Over Clutch

What's better than a fold over clutch? One that you make! For my third project, I decided to take a stab at making my very own fold over clutch. I'll be honest, I got a little help from my DIY fashion inspiration, Mimi G. Here's the link to her tutorial.

This project is definitely beginner sewer friendly. After two failed projects-- that I won't be posting-- this one was a huge confidence builder. It was great having Mimi walk her viewers through it step by step. I was able to get way better at zipper installation and I also improved my top stitching. Moreover, I learned the importance of ironing during projects-- a step that I often skipped. 

Though I absolutely love the fabric that I used, I was a bit disappointed in the selection at my local fabric store. The joys of living in a quasi small city. I've made a mental note to start planning my projects more in advance so that I can order my fabric online. Based on Mimi's suggestion, I picked out some medium weight fabric from the home decor section and some plain cotton fabric for the lining. I would have loved to have used a gold zipper on the clutch, but again there was a limited selection for zippers as well. Instead, I just used one that matched the lighter fabric color. The fabric store also didn't have any heavyweight fusible interface, so I used a medium weight that's a lot less firm.

I chose to use the 15" X 18" dimensions in her original blog post of this project, which is a bit larger than the clutch in her video tutorial. If you choose to use this size, you'll need to purchase the same amount of interfacing as your fashion fabric and lining. The blog says 1/2 yard, but you'll need 5/8 yard to get the right dimensions. As a result, my interfacing doesn't cover all of my fabric, but no biggie. My recommendation would be to use a thread that matches the lighter color of your fashion fabric. Though my top stitch isn't terrible, it would definitely be less noticeable with the lighter thread.

This project took less than 2 hrs to complete-- including cutting and sewing. It made for a great snow day morning adventure and it's definitely something that you can whip up in an afternoon. I think this may be Christmas gifts for the year.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below. If you do it, be sure to tag @Mission52DIY!!



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