Motivational Monday: Who Hindered You?

I don't ever think that I'll forget Galatians 5:7. It was a scripture preached by my former pastor as he unpacked a message on surrounding yourself with the right people. His famous line was, "Its never an it. It's always a who." I can think of no truer statement when it comes to life. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Is your group of friends helping or hindering you?

The older I get, the more intentional I am about who shares my space. I have come to the understanding that God has created me for something great and has given me a vision that I cannot allow others to sabotage. It would be irresponsible of me to allow my vision to be in the company of naysayers, dream killers, and stagnant people. Just think of your vision as a child. Would you allow your child to be in the company of those who would harm them or hinder their growth? The answer should be no and the same should be said about your God given dreams. Don't let the "who" hinder you from reaching your potential.

You were pursuing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, finishing school, writing a book, or whatever it was, but someone hindered you. Don't let the who continue to hinder you.



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