Motivational Monday: #GoalGetter

As 2017 approaches, you may find yourself in a scurry to write out your New Year's resolutions. You know how the list goes.
1. Lose weight
2. Eat better
3. Work out

It's often followed by an aggressive attempt to fulfill these goals, only to find yourself tapering off after a few weeks.

I've been there and have done that. Eventually, I failed enough times that I just stopped righting out these resolutions that I knew I wouldn't stick to. Instead, I began seeking God for what the next year would center around. In 2015, my theme was "The Year of Execution." In that year, I started a business and published a book. The theme for 2016 was "The year of Manifestation." This year, I got married, became debt free, and achieved a career goal that I set for myself 5 years ago. And now, as the New Year approaches, I find myself seeking God for what 2017 will entail. Whatever it is, I'll be zeroing in on it and making sure that it is fulfilled.

Though I'm not a fan of making a New Year's resolution list, I am an advocate of writing the vision down. There is something about writing things down and then speaking and working them into existence. This should not be limited to the start of a new year. So as the year closes and you think about all of the wonderful things that you want to accomplish in the next, consider the plans that God has for you and wants for you life. Write the vision down and begin working on them now! You have new mercies everyday, so don't wait until January 1 to take advantage of it. Be a #goalgetter!



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