Leave it in 2016!

I pray and trust that each of you had a safe and restful Christmas holiday. I can say that I did. My husband and I hosted our first Christmas with family and also traveled. The Lord was abundantly good to us and our families, though His birth alone would have been enough.

Unfortunately, during this season so many people lost loved ones and friends. My circle was not exempt from it. I pray that if you lost someone during this season that God will provide peace that surpasses all understanding, comfort, and a renewed joy. After blogging about losing a former classmate prior to Christmas, I was only met with more news of passings. I continue to pray for all those who have experienced death in a season when a redemptive birth is celebrated.

With the many events that transpired across the world in 2016, I'm sure that we can all agree that 2017 couldn't have come soon enough.   There's something about a new year that brings hope for better things to come. This year is no different. Like many of you, I can't wait for a fresh January 1st. I've made my list of goals for the new year that I'm already working to accomplish. But, as I plan for the coming year, I can't help but reflect on 2016 and all of the things that I'd like to see left behind. So, allow me to share my list of things to leave in 2016:

1. #RelationshipGoals. If I've neglected to say it before, then now is the time... Let's all leave #RelationshipGoals in 2016 and away from any future usage. As if social media doesn't already lend itself to comparison and discontentment, hashtags like these add to it. It's the picture of the couple holding hands sharing a sweet kiss or them wearing matching outfits or them looking deeply into each others eyes. All posed, all for likes, all for you to covet. But while they were posing for the "gram," there's a couple out there actually spending time with each other away from phones, lounging in mix matched pajamas, and listening intently to what the other is saying. This should be your goal, not a snapshot on the interwebs that crops out everything that they don't want you to see. Let your #RelationshipGoals be the couple that you see up close and personal, choosing to love each other when the camera is put away. Choose the couple working together towards a goal. Choose a couple that has a God-centered relationship. I can assure you that this couple isn't the couple that's trending on this hashtag.

2. Waist trainers. The disdain that I have to these things is unreal. Truly, it is. If I see another picture of a woman near killing herself to get a cinched in waist, I may just scream. Here's an interesting fact...IT'S NOT HEALTHY! As Hilary Clinton would say, "fact check me." I've provided links here, here, and here. How about hitting up a gym to cinch your waist instead of moving your organs around! The frustrating and disheartening thing isn't that these things are being made and sold like hotcakes, it's the fact that we go for the quickest fix without considering the consequences. Leave this in 2016 and 1500 for that matter.

3. Pills and teas for everything! If your homegirl isn't selling waist trainers or weave, then it's some pill or tea that guarantees weight loss and hair growth. Trust me, I've seen it all. Here's the secret so that you don't keep spending all that money on "magic pills." Ready?? Its green tea and biotin. *BOOM* Sorry, not sorry.

4. The 2016 US election. As divisive as the past year's election was, it is imperative that we leave the emotions and division in 2016 and work toward personal and collective growth and improvement. I choose to limit my media intake and you may choose the same. Whatever your method, I implore you to let it go like Elsa.

5. Snapchat filters. I get it... Snapchat has filters. But can we please stop using them as a replacement for faces? Yes, the little halo thing gives you gray eyes, but don't get beside yourself. Your eyes are not gray! Its a filter! In 2017, let your pictures be Snapchat filter free. We wanna see your real eyes.

6. Senseless deaths. Lastly, and on a more serious note, let's leave killing people, especially black men, as a sport in 2016 where it wreaked havoc. Not another person turned into a hashtag. Not today, not ever!

What do you want to leave in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Happy New Year!



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