The Season of Building

Have you ever had a great idea that you were just waiting to implement? Well, if you're anything like me, you have a new idea every 10 minutes and are eager to get it going. In this case, patience can often get the best of you. You want the vision to manifest in that moment, so much so that you may forget that everything has a process.

There is a season of building and creating a foundation for every vision. Its the long, boring, arduous leg work that goes into making sure that you execute God's plan with a spirit of excellence, not lacking anything. Noah knew that season all too well. He spent time and effort just building so that when the rain came, there was an ark that effectively met the need and fulfilled the vision.

What idea have you jumped the gun on? What vision has God entrusted you with that required you to keep building?  Do you have the patience to build before you enter the stage too soon? Take the time to build your foundation before jumping head first. Write the business plan, find the right team, lay the foundation for the vision God has given.



  1. Always a good reminder to be patient during the building process.


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