Black Lives Matter: So what do we do now?

I'd be remiss if I didn't use my platform to talk about the issues plaguing the nation today. Day after day we're bombarded with videos and images of black men being murdered by police, communities in unrest, and division on how injustices should be handled. This nation is in disarray.

I wish I could muster up the energy to say "there is no color" and not to act out in anger, but it would all be a lie. Everyday I wake up, I see color in the mirror. I see a very heavy mantle that I must carry in honor of those who came before me and for those who will come after me. I can't say, "don't be angry," when I'm outraged by the injustices plaguing my people. Though I don't condone rioting, I most certainly understand it. There are voices that want to be heard and justice waiting to be served.

So what do we do now?

We pray, but we don't dare neglect action. I've asked God what I can do to help. I don't believe that it's my lot to run for a political office or even engage in fruitless conversations across the internet, but I know that I must do something. The problem is, many of us just don't know what to do. Protesting hasn't seemed to avail and neither has rioting, so what's left? Do we hang our heads in defeat to a nation that was built against us? How do we fight a fixed battle?

I don't know the answer. I wish I did, but I don't. I wish there wasn't hatred, but there is. I wish I wasn't tired, but I am. I wish that black lives mattered, but many people in this country are showing me that they don't.

So what do we do now?

Its seems like for every peaceful attempt forward, the black community is slapped in the face with another innocent life taken or justice not being service. We're yet to grieve one death before another one blind sides us. We're yet to end one prayer vigil before another is planned. When does it end?

When will we live in a society where all men are treated equal in the same manner in which they were made equal? When will we live in a society where racial injustices, rigged judicial systems, and socio economic polarization are abolished? Better yet, when will we live up to our pledge that we are "one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all"? When? Because in my nearly 28 years in America, I've seen a nation governed by more anti-Christ agendas than Christ, divided by party lines and ethnic groups, and justice given to some. I'll give us liberty, but what happened to the other promises of this nation? 

I'd venture to say that those promises weren't intended for people who look like me and maybe not anyone who differed from the nations organizers. But we're here...against the will of our ancestors, we're here... This nation was built on the backs of slaves and the lineage is still here. So, since we're in America, make that promise stand true for us too. 

So what do we do now?

My only reasonable response is that we don't live in fear. Hard to say, a maybe considered a bit naive, but we can't. Living in fear is accepting defeat. Don't live in fear. Don't live in hate.

I believe and rest assured that God hears His children crying out. Thank God for Jesus who brought grace, but I know that God is still the God of Cane and Abel. Oh, the blood cries out! It cries out to the ears of God as He bottles up every tear.

So you tell me, what do we do now?



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