Motivational Monday: A New Thing

As I sat pondering upon what to write for this week's Motivational Monday, Isaiah 43:19 came to mind. It is most definitely a scripture of hope and inspiration-- a refreshing word to hear as you start your work week. 

This scripture is the epitome of going through a difficult time, but having to use spiritual eyes to see the great work that God is doing in the midst of it. It is a scripture of hope, yet it presents a question to your faith. In the midst of your trials and difficulties, do you have the eyes to perceive what God is actually doing? Although you're in the wilderness, can see the pathway of coming out? Though it may be a drought in your life, do you trust that God is creating a river for you? In a gist, do you have faith and hope?

The interesting thing about this scripture is that it doesn't say that God will take away the wilderness or wasteland. Instead, it requires that we trust God during those seasons. God is more than capable of completely changing your situation if He chooses, but there is something to be gain from going through difficult times. Difficulties require that you increase your faith. They require that you believe that a new thing, the pathway, and the river are being created for you. Believing that the improbable is probable in your situation is the essence of faith-- the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. So where is your faith during your troubles? Faith would say, "I perceive the good that God is doing and inspire of my current situation, I'll give him a praise."

Isn't it amazing to know that God is doing a new thing just for you? Isn't it great to serve a God who is mindful of you and wants to see you through your wilderness and drought seasons? That is the hope that we have in Christ Jesus and the assurance that we have in walking with Him.



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