Motivational Monday: Thorn in My Flesh

I have said it once and I'll say it again: I absolutely abhor running! The constant pounding on my feet and the agonizing shin splints make it unbearable, and therefore my least favorite form of exercise. Yet, with all of my disgust, I had an odd urge to just run on Saturday morning. Maybe it was because I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics the night before. Whatever the reason I yielded to this very unorthodox desire.

It wasn't soon into the run that my pure disdain came into play. In frustration, I asked God, “Why?" Here I am trying to make use of my limbs and exercise, but I felt punished in spite of it. As I began to sulk (and limp along) my thoughts immediately turned to Paul. 

Paul had an affliction of his own— the infamous thorn in his flesh. He was a man of many achievements and dedicated to the work of the Lord, yet to prevent him from boasting he was given a thorn. This thrown was likely figurative for something that caused him ailment and could hinder him from ministry if he allowed it. Regardless, of what Paul’s thorn actually was, he did not let it prevent him from pursuing his purpose and pressing toward the mark.

I concluded that I had my very own thorn. The thorn, in the form of pain, that could either cause me to quit or push me to keep going in spite of. On Saturday, I chose to keep going…slow, inconsistent, but still going forward.

So, what’s your thorn? What can either hold you back or push you to go further? What situation in your life can God use to exercise His strength? Don't despise the thorn. Instead, keep pressing forward just as Paul did.



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