Motivational Monday: Forgiveness is the First Step

Have you ever been hurt by someone? I mean really hurt to the point that you don't think that you can forgive? If you haven't, just live life a little bit longer and I assure you it will come. I've experience it in my life before and I can definitely attest to the fact that it's not fun. It's not fun being hurt and it's as equally not fun forgiving someone who has hurt you. That's because our human nature is to seek revenge and protect ourselves, yet the spirit in us is called to forgive.

Over time, I've learned that forgiveness is just the first step in a complete healing and recovery from hurt and breach of trust. After all, our hurt typically stems from a breach of trust by those we've been most vulnerable with. Forgiveness, as many theologians have said, is for you-- the offended. It is not a condoning of the offense or the offenders action, but it intended to release you from the bondage that the offense has you in. Forgiveness gives you back your power. You are now in control of your emotions and actions and the situation or person no longer has the power over you. Forgiveness is indeed for you. But, as I said, overtime I've realized that it is the first step in complete healing.

Life has taught me that the second step is releasing the person who hurt you. Just as an offense can hold you in bondage if you choose not to forgive, you can also hold the offender hostage in your mind if you do not release them. Let me explain... Person X hurt you 2 years ago. You've forgiven them, the situation no longer has control over you, and you've effectively moved on. Yet, there's still a trigger in your mind that keeps you thinking of them. Not in a negative way, but they still enter the hollows of your thoughts. That person is in bondage to your mind. Your spirit has forgiven, but your mind has not released them. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to randomly think about someone who I've severed ties with. Instead, you need your mind attentive to the greater that's ahead and not the past, lest you repeat it. It's not until your mind catches up with your spirit and completely releases that person that you can be completely healed!

You may call it forgive and forget, but I call it forgive and release. It's something so effective about speaking it and audibly saying, "I release Person X from my mind." In saying so, they are no longer hostage to your thoughts. They have been given the eviction notices from your mind. They can no longer occupy your thoughts and your life is now moving forward without as much as a residue of them being there. Now doesn't that sound like complete healing and recovery from a situation?

Who do you need to release from the bondage of your mind? Who has taken camp in your territory that needs to be evicted? Release them now! Take back your mind and enter in to complete healing.



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