Taking Back the Family

Today, I watched a girl get dropped off to her mom after spending a week away with her dad. (I also witnessed him picking her up). As I watched what I'd call a transaction, I had a moment. I was sad for the girl, who is no older than 9. By no fault of her own, she is subjected to living her life in weeks with mom and weeks with dad. It's so unfair! This child is left to live life in fragments, inconsistency, and plain brokenness. This is not God's design for the family. Unfortunately, it's the story of millions of children forced into brokenness, for one reason or another.

I won't claim to know anything about the family or what led to their current state. However, what I do know is no matter how many weeks this little girl gets to spend with dad, it's no replacement for him being in the home. Point. Blank. Period. I was fortunate to not only have my father in the home, but he led our home as husband and father. I was 22 when he passed away and, as an adult, his absence had a tremendous impact on my sense of security and direction. By that time I was living on my own in another state and still felt uncovered and vulnerable. I can only imagine how much psychological damage is done to a child when the father isn't leading the home during those impressionable and developmental years.

Unfortunately, because of the world's (our) sins, we've created "work arounds" or imitations for what God intended for the family. Let's be clear that God's intent for the family is man, wife, children. There is no other Biblical reference to the immediate family outside of this. If you've ever had a knock off bag, you know that imitation isn't going to hold up for so long. Likewise, because we live out these imitations of family, they leave people broken, confused, and apt to continue the cycle to future generations. This is not God's best for us!! Our children were meant to be nurtured in stable, God centered families. If we can get our families together, then our communities will become better, making our states, regions, nations, and world better.

By no means am I wagging a finger at single mothers or fathers or divorcees. I absolutely do not stand in judgement of your situation. I am also not implying that all two parent homes are stable. I am, however, standing up for what God's word teaches us and once we know the truth, it is our obligation to walk it out. 2 Peter 2:21 reads, “For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them" (NKJV‬‬). Knowing God's word, how then can we continue to birth children out of wedlock? How can we continue to father children from multiple women? How can we continue to force innocent children into brokenness?

It pains me to see the cycles of broken families continue. It pains me to see children desperate for the validation of a father. It breaks my heart to see young girls act out their insecurities and lack of affirmation in the form of sexual promiscuity and perversion. It tears me apart to see mothers trying their best to teach their sons how to be men when they've never had a consistent, Godly example and they aren't a man themselves. It crushes my spirit to watch young men grasp at what it is to be a man, only to fall short because he has no guidance. What have we done to the family? What a cycle we perpetuate!

But grace....
But God...

The cycle doesn't have to continue. Divorce doesn't have to be a thing that plagues everyone in your family. You don't have to be a teen mom or continue to have children to uncommitted men. You are a wife and not a forever girlfriend. You are a mother and not a baby's mama. You are a queen and not a whore. You are worthy and you have the power to break the cycle, if not for you, for your future generations! Take back your bloodline! Change your destiny and the destiny of generations to follow. The blood of Jesus overcomes any generational curse. The power of the Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth and strengthen you to walk out your purpose. It's not too late. You haven't sinned enough to fall from God's grace. You haven't backslid enough to not be able to change your trajectory. Get up, go forth, and change your family tree.



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