Motivational Monday: Now Go!

As I sat to write this Motivational Monday, I stared at the screen, unmotivated. Words just didn't seem to flow and it seemed as if God had shut up the channels of communication between us. I longed for a word to give to you, but each time I went to type, I drew a blank. How could I pour out when my own well was empty?

It wouldn't be the first time and certainly not the last where a word from God seemed to elude me when I required it most. But, instead of just not doing what I have been called and required to do, I kept typing. As I kept typing and being obedient, God gave me the story of Moses.

Moses felt unworthy of God using him because of his inability to speak well. Despite having what he felt was a hinderance, God was able to use him. All he needed was obedience. In Exodus 4:12, Go instructs him to "just go" and He would do the rest. Just be obedient and I'll give you the words to say.

This message that you're reading is a "just go" message from the Lord. When it seems like God isn't speaking, just go! Go and do the thing that he told you to do. Out of your obedience will come a word from on high. God will give you the next word and next move if you'd just go! A GPS can't guide a parked car, so move on the last assignment you were given and watch God speak.



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