Motivational Monday: Healing in the Land

In light of the many acts of violence in the United States this past week, I find that this scripture is only fitting for today's Motivational Monday. As more lives have been lost to senseless acts, I find myself reciting this verse over and over. Among the many opinions and outcries, it seems that the word of God is the only voice that brings solace in such confusing times.

We've yet to resolve why hatred seems to prevail and peace eludes us; however, there is certainty in where it can be found. Peace, healing, and unity can only begin with a mighty move from God-- a move that softens the hardest of hearts to love and causes hatred and strife to cease. Our prayer should be that God will, first, bring peace to those who mourn and, secondly, that He will unction the heart of His people to stand against injustices while being an example of unity and peace.

Be motivated to be the light in a dark world. Be moved to lead in the pursuit of equality and unity. Be the salt of the earth that God has called each of us to be.



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