Motivational Monday: Where’s your Time?

If you were to take a record of how you spent the hours of the day, what would it tell me about you? Would it tell me that you’re sleep deprived and wok long hours? Would it tell me that you volunteer, spend time with God, or exercise. Or, would it tell me that you spent your day in idleness— maybe perusing Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram or playing Pokemon Go? What would time tell about you?

I am on a mission—a mission to squeeze out all idleness in my day. I don’t mean being active every second of the day with no downtime. No. I mean making the most of those moments that I have to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the various platforms that I’ve been given. So, what does that mean? That means more time reading and getting into the word of God. That means not getting on Facebook just to scroll and gain nothing but someone else’s opinion on things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. It means denying myself the mindless scrolling on Instagram or hours watching videos on YouTube.

I certainly use all of these medians for my own ministry and find nothing wrong with just lounging around doing nothing, but only in moderation. I never want to neglect the gifts that God has given me, including my spouse, family, and friends all because I gave my precious time to idleness and things that did not edify me. Becoming rich as referred to in Proverbs 10:4 isn't limited to financial gain, but I believe it also encompasses a full life of living out your calling. Has the way you've spent your time left you in spiritual poverty?

I’m becoming more intentional about my time. How about you? I challenge you to evaluate how you’re spending your days on earth. Is it spent maximizing your potential, furthering the work of Christ, and enjoying the gifts God has given you? If its not, make a change, because you can’t get time back. Let’s get down to business and make the main things the main things. Where’s your time?



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