The Power of the Tongue

Several years ago, I was introduced to the book The Tongue, A Creative Force. This insightful book taught on the power of the tongue to determine your destiny. Based on Proverbs 18:1, it expounded on how powerful our words can be and the attention we should take when using them. This book really transformed the things that I spoke into the atmosphere and, ultimately, how I prayed.

Words are not only powerful, but they are spiritual. The universe was created on a word, Jesus healed on a word, and our prayers are made up of words. With our words, we have the power to build up or to tear down; to speak blessings or curses; and to speak life or death. With words, we have the power to speak those things that be not as though they are. Our words ultimately create our world! Knowing this, we not only have to be intentional about what we speak on a daily basis, but also in prayer.

The most powerful ability that God has given us is the ability to speak His word. It is most powerful because it is infallible truth that cannot return void. God's word must do what it was spoken and intended to do. Therefore, when we speak God's word in prayer, the promises, protection, peace, and everything that is due to His children has to be released. So, don't use prayer as an opportunity to complain. Instead, use it as an opportunity to speak God's word back to Him concerning your situation.

"God, the enemy is attacking my character, BUT your word says that no weapon formed against my shall prosper and every lying tongue I will condemn in judgment because that is the heritage of the saints!"

"God, I may be unemployed right now, BUT your Word says that you shall provide all of my needs according to your riches in glory. David also said that he's never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging for bread. Your word said to knock and the door shall be opened, ask and it shall be given, seek and I will find. I believe that you are working things together for my good. So, on your word I stand!"

"Lord, my body may not be operating at 100% right now, but by your stripes I am healed. Your word said that you are Jehovah Rapha, the God who healeth thee. Therefore, I call on you, Jehovah Rapha to heal me. You said no sickness shall come nigh my dwelling, so Lord I stand on your word."

When we learn to use the word of God in prayer, we can enter into the throne boldly and not with a defeatist attitude. We can pray from a standpoint of victory and confidence knowing that whatever we ask for, it is heard and already done.

I encourage you to use the word of God as your spiritual weapon! Learn from the example of Jesus in the wilderness. He had a word for every situation that the enemy presented before Him. We have the Word. Study it, learn it, and speak it!

Here's your assignment:

Use the concordance in the back of your bible or Google to find scriptures related to any situation that you're going through. Use the promises made in those verses in your prayers.



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