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We've reached the last leg of 30 Days of Prayer. We've studied the importance of praying and that we should get excited to go before God. We've learned to pray using the word of God. Lastly, we learned to also pray from a place of victory. Prayer has become engrained in our daily routine and we enter it with expectancy. We've gained great insight on its power; however, before we conclude I'd like to share one more aspect of prayer.

Several years ago, my (then) local church participated in several days of praying and fasting. Together, we walked through the book The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears, which talks about circling your prayers and praying until they are answered. This was the first time that I was introduced to the concept of praying through versus praying for. Praying for is the, "Lord, give me a car. Give me a house. Give me my stuff" prayer that we have perfected. Yet, there is another angle of prayer that we often miss. It is the praying through that is referred to in Luke 18:1 and James 5:16.

Praying through would be praying the word of God in the midst of your situation and from a place of victory. It is continuing to pray and believe God, even when it doesn't look like things are moving. It is the epitome of Daniel who prayed and fasted until his answer came, not knowing that his answer was detained by principalities in Persia. Praying through is persistent and intense prayer, believing that you're only one prayer away from your miracle.

I'd further compare it to running-- which I abhor. Nonetheless, running long distances takes stamina. At any point within the run, your body begins to feed your brain messages of defeat. If you're an avid runner, you continue to push forward, one foot at a time until you reach your anticipated endpoint. If you are an amateur and periodic runner like me, you quit before the end. Praying through is the runner that continues despite what it feels and looks like. They continue to move their feet, knowing that each step is a step toward their goal. Each prayer is one step closer to the miracle when you understand praying through. You don't ease up the goal because you know that there are principalities trying to keep your answer, your miracle, your Word from God held up. Praying through doesn't stop because it doesn't feel good or the current situation reads defeat. No! They keep at it until something happens. It's the old acronym of Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH).

As we conclude the formal 30 days of prayer, let's be some marathon runners. Pray and keep praying! Faint not! Be fervent and effectual. Pray continuously until something happens.



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