Motivational Monday: Till the Ground that You've Been Given

This past week I had the opportunity to attend a leadership development program for work. For a whole week, I spent time thinking about my career and made plans to progress. Despite the hours that we spent in discussion and the tools that were presented to help, it wasn't until the last day that I had a revelation. After listing all of the things that I wanted in an ideal job, I realized that my current role had most of the qualities. I had been so focused on reaching that perfect position that I had missed the many attributes that were already there.

It's no different from how we treat life. How many times have we asked God for a new this or that, not realizing that what we already have is what we need and want? We overlook the blessing that we already have in hopes of something greater. Meanwhile, God wants us to be effective with what we have now. You can't ask God to give you a bigger platform when you aren't even using the stage that you've been given. Be content with the ground God has given. Till it, because only then can you reap it's harvest.



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