Motivational Monday: Stepping Out on Faith

Every Christian walk requires at least one faith move. It is the act of disregarding all fear and "what ifs" and trusting what God has given you as your assignment. We see this throughout the Bible. From Abraham to Esther, there are numerous testaments of people stepping out on faith and walking out their assignment.

My journey in ministry has been one defined by stepping out on faith. From starting a blog and sharing my life, to writing a book and opening a business. Never knowing what would come of it or how to go about it, I trusted God to give me the insight, provisions, and ingenuity to figure it out. That's the journey of faith-- constantly trusting God because we can't see or may not know how to take the next step.

Abraham had such faith, rightfully naming him the father of faith. He stepped out in faith when he left his family and country in Genesis 12 and later in Genesis 22 when he was instructed to sacrifice his son, Isaac. In both instance, Abraham didn’t know why or what would happened next, but by faith he obeyed the instructions given to him. What is God telling you to do? What instruction has he given that leads you to “what if?” and “how?” questions? 

Without faith, it's impossible to please God and to fulfill our purpose. This week, step out on faith and follow through on what God has instructed you to do. 



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