Motivational Monday: You Have the Seed for Your Harvest

Yesterday, as my pastor spoke on guarding the heart, he made a powerful statement that set off fireworks in my spirit. His words were, “When you ask for a thing, God gives you a seed.” It was such a simple statement, but so powerful. I began to reflect on the many things that I’ve asked God for, and I realized that in every instance I already had the seed from which it would be manifested. God had given me seed in the form of talents, gifts, resources, and abilities. It would have been a great testimony to say that some stranger just dropped $80K at my doorstep out of the kindness of their heart and I was able to pay all of my debts off and buy a new car, but that would have been an insult to God. Why pray for something that God has given you the ability, talents, gifts, resources, SEED to do on your own? Pray for something that only God can do, but strap up your boots for the things that are in your control. I would have loved for God to have miraculously paid off my undergraduate student loans, but instead He gave me seed. He gave me the ability to work and earn income, resources like Dave Ramsey to learn proper money management, and talents to generate additional streams of income to pay them off.

God has given you seed for everything that you’ve prayed for. Your job is to plant it, work the ground, water it with the Word, and expect your harvest. A harvest doesn’t come to the lazy farmer. It would be silly of him to believe that he can pray for a harvest, but not use the seeds in his pocket. Only the farmer who plants the seed and works the land that he has will reap what he’s sown. Don’t waste away thinking that God didn’t answer your prayers when the seed for the manifestation is right in your hands.



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