The Wedding Series: The Honeymooners

The two things that I was looking forward to the most after our wedding was sleeping and the honeymoon. Honestly, after being sleep deprived for a while, I really can't tell you which one I was more excited about. Now that we've done it, of course I'm going to share some tips to consider when planning your honeymoon.

1. Decide what you want. There are tons of all inclusive resorts and popular honeymoon locations across the globe. Narrow your choices down by first deciding what you want. Do you prefer beaches, historic landmarks, or the city life? Discuss with your fiancé and come in agreement on what type of location you'd like to travel to-- including if you want to stay domestic or go abroad. Remember, international travel requires a passport and may require some immunizations. Take this into account so that you aren't deciding too late.

We wanted to go somewhere all inclusive, relaxing, and preferably a beach. Once we agreed on this, we could narrow our search to locations that fit the bill. We decided to celebrate our nuptials in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the Royal Caribbean Sandals Resort.

2. Budget. After you decide on the type of location you'd like to travel to, next is deciding how much you want to pay for the experience. As I mentioned in my prior blog, we had a budget that we were sticking to. So, anything outside of our budgeted cost was automatically eliminated. The key is remaining within budget, while still being able to have a unique and enjoyable experience. Be sure to leave room for exploration and shopping.

I mentioned that we wanted an all-inclusive location. This was our preference because all meals, drinks, and any activity on site was included. So, when we arrived, we didn't have to worry about paying for anything, unless it was outside of the activities that the resort offered or for shopping.

3. Look for travel deals and services. The second most expensive part of your honeymoon will likely be your travel, particularly if you're going international. Soon after deciding on our honeymoon location, we began checking prices for flights. Prices were high, so we decided to wait until ~3 months out until we purchased. By then, tickets were lower for the airline that we chose.

On a recommendation, we also booked a travel service that would escort us through immigration and customs and get us to our designated shuttle pick up. Though an added expense, it was well worth it to be able to get through the airport much faster and make navigating into another country seamless. 

I hope these few tips were helpful with your honeymoon travel. Cheers to happy planning! Here are a few pictures from our stay in Jamaica.



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