Motivational Monday: Serving before Soaring

The glitz, the glamour, the followers, the likes, the name and face recognition, the VIP treatment-- it all seems appealing. Whether its your favorite artist or if its someone in ministry, there's always that one person that we aspire to be like. Not because of who they are, but who they appear to be. We've all been guilty of coveting someone else's perceived life, but few times do we stop and ask ourselves, "What journey did they have to take to  get there?"

I'm fond of the biblical accounts of Joseph, David, and Elisha. These three men played tremendous roles in the body of Christ; however, their ascent to great exposure and notoriety was not one based on gaining likes or followers. Instead, it was based on servanthood. We're often caught up in wanting more-- higher titles, greater responsibility, and more exposure, but forget the season of serving.

There's a humbling, yet fulfilling experience in serving. In serving we emulate the ways of Christ by putting another before ourselves. David tended to sheep and serenaded Saul. Joseph served Potiphar in his home and Elisha washed the hand of Elijah. David became the greatest king to live, Joseph became second in command of Egypt, and Elisha received a double portion of Elijah's anointing. All great men, all servants. You cannot soar without serving.

Before you ask God for increase and a greater platform, consider what you're doing with your current portion. Are you serving or are you waiting for the soonest opportunity to lead? Are you faithful in little? Can you have a spirit of excellence with only 5 followers and 2 people liking your post? You must learn to serve before you soar.



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