Motivational Monday: The Helmet of Salvation

I've probably said it one thousand times, so this will be the 1001st time: I am not a morning person. Believe me, I've tried, but the way my body is set just does not like being bothered before 8AM. So, as you can imagine, I dread Monday mornings when I have to be up around 6AM for work. I really try not to-- after all, it's a new day that the Lord has made and I should be rejoicing; however, I strongly believe that God created some of us to rejoice a little later on in the morning. You'd think that after 5 years of early mornings and gulping down breakfast blend for dear life that I'd be used to it.

Nonetheless, I've become an example of desperation breeding creativity. Oh, the many reasons that I've thought of to stay in bed, let alone the ingenious ideas that I've conjured up that would allow me to stop working the traditional 40+ hr/wk job for "the man." Today was the usual struggle. As I woke up before my alarm went off, I laid in bed with no intentions of moving for at least another 10 mins. I had absolutely no desire to get up and conquer the world at 6AM. Eventually, I peeled myself out of the bed and began my daily routine, a part of which is trying to ward off the negative thoughts that try to consume my mind. I had to put on the helmet of salvation. If you're also not a morning person, then you understand what I mean about putting on the helmet of salvation as soon as you (force yourself to) get up. The enemy will use that small increment of time to play off of your lack of desire and annoyance of having to get up before you're ready. He'll plant thoughts in your mind about how busy of a day it'll be and the "crazy" people that you'll have to deal with. It's enough to make you dread what God intends to be a great day before you even put your feet on the floor.

I'd been there too many times and had too many unnecessary bad days before I had this revelation of what the enemy was doing. And, though I have revelation, it does not stop the attempts. Today was no exception. As I got ready, the thoughts of everything that I had to do at work began to creep in. My mind even began to conjure up situations that didn't even exist. I immediately recognized what was happening and that I had my guard down-- or my helmet was off. So, I began reciting worship lyrics in my head. "You are the King, of glory..." over and over again. There was no way that I could continue to think negatively while worshiping. Neither can you.

The enemy's whole agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy. However, he can only operate in an environment that is conducive to his agenda. An unguarded, vulnerable mind is one of them. Don't let the enemy catch you off guard! Before you plant your feet on the floor, begin guarding your mind with thoughts and sounds of worship. Have a song in your spirit that will rise up within you. If possible, fill your home with sounds of praise and worship when you arise. Do whatever you have to do to guard your mind. I can't guarantee that it'll make getting out of bed easier, but it will set that stage for a great day in Christ.



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