The Wedding Series: Paying for Your Wedding Debt Free

Alas, engagement season is upon us. Timelines everywhere are being flooded with news of proposals and upcoming nuptials. What a wonderful time of year!

While planning my own wedding, I thought that I'd keep notes of a few things that may be beneficial to those who are planning a wedding of their own. I dubbed these notes "The Wedding Series." Complete from planning to executing your special day, I've written up some goodies that I think you'll find helpful. Today's topic: Paying for your Wedding Debt Free.

You may have caught on from my previous blogs that I'm all about being debt free. Paying for my wedding was no exception. With the average US wedding cost being upwards of $26K, its easy to fall into the trap of paying on credit. Before you dare to go to the dark side, here are some ways that we paid for our wedding debt free.

  • We set a realistic budget and stuck to it. Mistake number one of our wedding planning was underestimating the alot! Who knew that a fork could cost $2 to rent?? So, after getting quotes from vendors and venues we adjusted our budget to be more realistic. Of course, the goal was to come below the budget; however, we'd still have the money avaible and planned for if we didn't. The budget dictated what we were and weren't able (or willing) to pay for. Not only is a budget great to have for a wedding, but also in your everyday finances.
  • We let the budget help determine the date. I know-- you have to have your summer wedding...even if you just got engaged in April. Typically, couples will determine the date and then scramble to get the funds during that alloted time. If you want to do things debt free, figure out the cost, determine the time that it'll take to save, then set the date. I get it...I too wanted a winter wedding, but getting engaged in March and married in December just wasn't enough time to save up for the wedding that we wanted. Instead, we gave ourselves just over a year's time to save up, plan, and, most importantly, not be stressed out. So, my dream winter wedding became my dream spring, DEBT FREE wedding.
  • We saved. After we had a realistic budget and timeline, it was time to start saving. We both made the wedding a line item in our personal budgets and began allocating funds toward it. Any additional monies was often put toward the wedding fund. We continued doing this until we reached out budgeted amount. 
  • We looked for deals and did it ourselves. The easiest way to make a wedding debt free is to reduce the costs. The less it costs, the easier it is not to borrow money. During wedding planning, we were all about finding great deals and negotiating. This sometimes meant signing up for annoying emails just to get a 60% off coupon for invitations or going all the way to page 10 on our google search when looking for vendors. Whatever the method, it was well worth the savings. In addition to finding deals, we also cut some costs by doing things ourselves. Some wedding DIY included our save the dates, invitation suites, engagement photos, wedding website, and bridal make up. We also had family members and friends help by doing programs, bridal party make up, and decor. If you aren't very crafty, this may not help much, but for my fellow DIYers, now is your time to shine!
Although we made great efforts to pay for our wedding completely debt free, I'd be remiss to not acknowledge the many seeds that were sown to help us in that endeavor. We were blessed beyond measure by loved ones who gave of their time, talents, and treasure to contribute to our special day. 

So, these are just a few of my tips for planning a debt free wedding. Overall, the most important thing is knowing what you can afford without going in to debt and staying within those boundaries. As in all things, discipline is the key! The next best feeling to being married on your wedding day is being married without owing anyone a dime for it. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to enjoy that feeling by making every effort to pay for your wedding debt free. 

I certainly hope that I helped you on your wedding planning journey. Stay tuned for more tidbits, including how I planned my wedding down to the minute. Until then, happy wedding planning!

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