Officially Mrs...

Photo cred: Southern Jewel Photography

Its been exactly 12 days since I've tied the knot. Just a year ago, we were recently engaged and planning what would become our (my) dream wedding. Well, the cake has been eaten and bouquet has been tossed and we've been thrust back into the real world. I certainly would've enjoyed an extended honeymoon, but we're living in the reality of boxes everywhere, gifts to still be unpacked, and thank-you cards to be mailed. Nonetheless, as I flip through pictures and watch wedding clips on repeat, I can't help but drift back to the moment that I officially became Mrs.

Many of you came along for the journey-- from ending a dead end relationship of almost a decade, to waiting on God, to my now husband finding me, proposing, and recently getting married. It's certainly been a journey. One with many life lessons and growth. It's a journey that I wouldn't trade, because it's landed me right here-- married to the guy that God designed for me.

If you find yourself on the same journey, know that it's so worth the end result. There's nothing like being in a God-centered relationship then marriage. So, hang in there. It's well worth the wait.

I can't wait to share pictures of our day. In the meantime, enjoy a steal from our videographer.



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