I am Faneisha, pronounced Fuh-knee-sha, affectionally called Fo by friends. I'm a Christian, wife, self proclaimed inspirationalist, author, business owner, former pageant queen, engineer, musician, YouTube junkie, avid reader, and a beauty, health, and lifestyle enthusiast. I live by my life verse, 1 Timothy 4:12-16.

The DIYer
For as long as I can remember, I've been creating things with my hands. It's an innate, God given ability. As a child I would purchase patterns and attempt to sew them by hand, only to be disappointed that they didn't come out like the picture. Little did I know that it wasn't that simple. I picked up crocheting for the first time in my teens-- a craft that I later revisited in my adulthood and would like to pick back up again. I've dabbled in cross stitching and other DIY jewelry projects, but I've always wanted to make my own clothes. I can shop for hours and never find anything that's just right for me.

In 2016, after being fed up with my workout pants not fitting, I decided that I'd design and make my own. The intent was to later outsource production and sell them to women who have similar issues-- not finding clothes for our curves. What began as a mission to provide a product became a new passion for DIY fashion. So on January 1, 2017, I was awakened to the idea of creating an item each week for a whole year and documenting the process. So, here I am with a new found passion for  creating fashion!

The Blogger & Author
I've always had a knack for writing. It wasn't until 2011 that I actually channeled it into a median that others could enjoy. I began my first blog, FantasticFo, as a means of sharing my random adventures while living in Houston, TX. What started off as somewhat of an open journal turned into a ministry for young women. I opened up about my struggles with being single, past relationship drama, and my growth in Christ. This garnered an audience of thousands of readers in over 96 countries and my first book, They That Wait.

After years as FantasticFo and many life changes, including marriage, I continued this ministry at FoAlexander.com. The mission continues to be women's empowerment with the recent addition of DIY fashion. In addition to sharing my life's lessons, I want to empower women to be modern day versions of a Proverbs 31 woman, leaving a legacy for others to glean from.

The Wife
On April 2, 2016 I married God's greatest gift to me, second to salvation. My husband is the person behind the pictures that grace this site and the voice that encourages me to keep going.

We are advocates for Godly marriages and will one day minister to other couples in this vein. Our passion is to see marriages work the way that God intended them to. God desires for your marriage to thrive relationally and financially! Check out our wedding video here.

The Vegetarian
In October 2016, I decided to become vegetarian to help facilitate weight loss. This wasn't my first time at this rodeo, but it was the first time that I intended on making it a lifestyle. The original plan was to become vegan, but I've since decided to remain vegetarian with little to no dairy intake. I've been documenting my journey via my Youtube channel and have also included some recipes here.



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